Our problem

“Among the issues that were difficult for Kaufman Company, was managing benefits; it was very time consuming and rather confusing. Additionally, it wasn’t very productive for our executives to be spending time on these matters. The other issues that we faced, that we needed help with was just general HR competence. We had people responsible for HR with absolutely no training.”

The GenesisHR solution

“GenesisHR immediately took over as HR support. They provided dedicated points of contact – individuals that I actually knew and they would come to our office and eventually knew the employees. When I had an employee issue, I called my GenesisHR contacts and discussed the situation. They could immediately help because they knew who were are, they understood what we did, and they knew what our facility was like and who worked here. And they could address the issues almost as though they were part of our company.”

The GenesisHR Family

“The expertise of all the regulatory requirements has over the years has become much more complicated. The state of Massachusetts and the federal government have both put in many programs that require complicated administration. I’m just so grateful that I don’t have to worry about it. I ask my GenesisHR team for guidance and they say ‘we’ve got it under control, we’ll send you an email, tell you what you need to do, and we’ll take care of the rest'”.