Our problem

Before partnering with Genesis, ROI Solutions employees who needed information about their benefits or had questions were directed to an 800 number, which they often had to call multiple times to solve a single issue. Every time they called, they had to explain the situation from the beginning. Everyone began to get frustrated with the lack of service.

With Genesis, the experience was transformed.

The GenesisHR solution

ROI Solutions employees now have a dedicated team of Genesis employees. They can always engage with someone who knows their stories and efficiently provide assistance in working through their issues and questions. Employees no longer have to waste time explaining their situation over and over, nor do they have to speak with different people on every call.

Similarly, any questions from ROI Solutions’ own HR team are addressed in the same relational, service-oriented manner. Everyone gets the answers they need quickly and efficiently, from an expert who knows them as individuals—not a call center.

Behind-the-scenes Expertise In Administration, Compliance & Employee Performance

Partnering with Genesis as a PEO has given the team at ROI Solutions the ability to focus on their mission instead of focusing on tedious HR tasks. Among other things, Genesis now takes on the burden of payroll and benefits administration and coordination.

“All our transactions around payroll processing, benefits administration, etc. are very seamless with Genesis. We’ve never had a problem—it’s accurate, it’s on time, and we don’t have to worry about wasted time fixing and cleaning up a mess.”

Another need the ROI Solutions team was able to solve by partnering with Genesis HR: Understanding and implementing ever-changing local, state, and national legislation and regulations. Because of their co-employment relationship with Genesis, the company shares liability and doesn’t have to shoulder the understanding and implementation of those regulations alone.

“When changes to PFML came about—and for the CARES Act—Genesis did everything for us. They have been super helpful in guiding us through those complicated, behind-the-scenes things. We don’t have to worry about the legality issues; having Genesis’ expertise and their professional counsel is invaluable.”

The GenesisHR Family

“Our PEO arrangement with Genesis is successful because of their expertise around HR. Because we aren’t a huge company, we don’t have HR expertise in-house, and that’s what Genesis provides. Their level of professionalism, from payroll to benefits administration to performance, means we rely on them for even the hardest parts of the job.”