Our problem

Nantero needed a provider who could take care of their HR needs, specifically benefits selection and benefits plan administration. As a high-tech company, they needed to focus on adding staff to their research team, not an HR team.

“Genesis brings the experience and the day-to-day involvement in the area of specialization. And it just doesn’t, it doesn’t even make economic sense for a company of 50 to have half of my staff be HR.”

The GenesisHR solution

By partnering with GenesisHR, Nantero gets the advantage of an entire HR department for a company of a couple of thousand people—without having to hire the entire department themselves. GenesisHR selects providers, handles administration, 401(k) plans, and more—and keeps compliance concerns in check.

“Genesis has selected a good provider and everything, you know, that we’re doing with them is top-notch. And that means that our people can focus on their work and not on worrying about their benefits. They do it well to have the latest technology to support me so that my high-tech employees get what they expect.”

The GenesisHR Family

With Genesis, Nantero is able to see exactly what they’re paying for the partnership—transparent pricing makes it easy to see the value and also compares the investment in a PEO to the idea of hiring for each HR role.

“I do the mental calculation—It costs me that much per week. Let me multiply that times 52. Could I replace that with a person? Could I replace it with two people? You’d have to have an HR person and you have to have a payroll person. So even if they’re part-time and then that still doesn’t cover a bunch of the stuff that they do for me. We’ve kind of run the numbers and said we couldn’t afford to do this without GenesisHR. I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense to try!”

“They have figured out that high-tech companies really are their customers. I mean, they built it for us, whether they knew it or not.”