Our problem

As a small nonprofit organization, Scandanavian Living Center couldn’t afford to hire and staff an entire human resource department. Because of complex compliance regulations, the organization needed a team of experts who could handle everything from citizenship issues to HR issues.

The GenesisHR solution

Scandanavian Living Center now has the HR department they need—without the hefty price tag of hiring an in-house team. With GenesisHR, the organization’s and its employees can always engage with someone who knows their stories and efficiently provide assistance in working through their issues and questions.

“Genesis gives me the HR department—and then some! A simple call and I have expertise on insurance, payroll, and HR issues. It’s an intangible asset to us.”

The GenesisHR Family

“There are lots of organizations out there that are larger, but I want a relationship with people, not with numbers. I don’t want to know that I’m just a number amongst a national company.

Genesis makes sense. I tell my friends, ‘Stop wasting time, and get focused on your mission. Get focused on saving the world, not on worrying about regulations. Don’t worry about the small things, take care of the big picture.’ I have that with Genesis.”