Our problem

“Prior to GenesisHR, we were reliant upon an inexperienced staff to do a lot of the HR including onboarding, compliance requirements, and payroll. We didn’t have a 401k plan, and our benefits offering was minimal.”

The GenesisHR solution

“When we brought in GenesisHR, they were able to offer us all of the essentials; 401k plan, health and dental benefits, HR support with hiring and terminations, and creating a comprehensive employee handbook. We use GenesisHR for pretty much everything.”

The GenesisHR Family

“GenesisHR brings a wonderful product including the cost savings on the benefits and the professional expertise across the board. Regardless of what the HR situation might be, it’s just very comforting to have the GenesisHR team as our partner. The folks at Genesis HR will allow you to sleep at night knowing that you have behind you the support of experienced professional who do this day in and day out, and that they truly are there for you when you need them.”